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September 22nd & 23rd, 2023
Parsons, Kansas


Thank you for showing interest in the 42nd Annual Gary J. Daniels Sunbelt Rodeo.

Any questions may be directed to:

Justin Hermreck (620-448-3267 OR 620-282-2981) Arena/Horse Issues.
Marlys Shomber-Jones (620-448-3091) for all other needs.

  1. REGULAR COMPETITION entry forms (yellow and green divisions)
  2. OUTSTANDING COMPETITION entry forms (red division)
  3. ADAPTED SADDLE DIVISION entry forms (purple)
  4. Team registration form
  5. Team registration fee/housing form
  6. Rules and regulations
  7. Assumption of Risk Agreement/Release forms
  8. Tentative 2-day schedule
  9. Outstanding Division Rider Bio
  10. Top Hand Nomination Form
  11. Legends Award Nomination Form

ENTRY FEE: The entry fee will remain at $15 for each participant, coach, chaperone, or sponsor. Fee includes: Saturday noon meal, Saturday dance fee, Housing at PSHTC (Limited this year), T-Shirt, and Awards.

ENTRY DEADLINES: Fees should be sent along with all forms to Parsons State Hospital and Training Center BY AUGUST 31, 2023. Please submit one check or money order per team, made payable to the PSHTC Endowment Fund - Rodeo.

Please send to:

  • Marlys Shomber-Jones
  • Parsons State Hospital & Training Center
  • 2601 Gabriel - Box 738
  • Parsons, KS 67357-0738

REFUND POLICY: FEES ARE TO BE PAID AT THE TIME ENTRY FORMS ARE RETURNED. Requests for refunds may be made up to September 10th. After that date, contestant substitutions may be made but no refunds will be given.

ENTRY FORMS: Please note we have OUTSTANDING COMPETITION (Red) entry forms, REGULAR COMPETITION (Green & Yellow) entry forms, and ADAPTED SADDLE (Purple) entry forms. Please note, it will be the discretion of the Rodeo Committee if the participant remains in that color division. At any time, committee members can change a color division for safety reasons. Due to our aging horses, your entrant and volunteer safety, riders must be under 250#. Please keep this in mind when registering your people in events to avoid any issues the day of the rodeo.

The Grand Entry will begin at 9 a.m.; team pictures will be taken at this time. The new format worked well last year so Yellow events can be completed at any time from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. However, please do them as soon as possible and do not wait until the last minute.

OUTSTANDING DIVISION (RED): Both Saturday go-rounds will consist of three events: Pole Bending, Barrels and Flag Race. The six accumulated times of these events will be used to rank finalists. All Red Riders will compete in the finals on Saturday morning. The Saturday events will be Barrel Race, Pole Bending, and Flag Race.

REGULAR DIVISION (GREEN): WILL BE DIVIDED INTO TWO DIVISIONS THIS YEAR – Trot Only Riders and Walking Riders. PLEASE MARK THIS ON YOUR ENTRY FORM. Contestants may choose up to three events within their color division. Total score of both go-rounds in each event will be ordered, and the top 10 will advance to the Finals. If you are participating in Green Trail Course (you must provide your own horse) you may participate in three more events for a total of four events. Only 3 will be used to calculate the scores for the buckle.

REGULAR DIVISION (YELLOW): Contestants may choose up to three events within their color division. Total score of both go-rounds in each event will be ordered, and the top 10 will advance to the Sunday Finals.

ADAPTED SADDLE DIVISION (PURPLE): This division has been designed to give those who are unsteady on their feet or use wheelchairs an opportunity to experience the thrill of riding with the support of being strapped in a saddle. Riding will occur on both Saturday and Sunday. Rides will be scheduled at 20 minute increments throughout the day. No scores will be given in the events; however, a participation award will be given to each contestant.

You will be ON YOUR OWN for supper Friday night. There will be DJ Saturday evening. Finalists will be posted during the dance.

RODEO HOSTS:   Parsons State Hospital and Training Center
      Parsons State Hospital & Training Center Endowment Association


  • Showers will be available if needed.
  • There will be LIMITED concessions this year. Water will be available in coolers around the arena.
  • There will be NUMEROUS FOOD TRUCKS on both days. You will need your OWN money.
  • We will provide tickets for two beverages. There will always be plenty of water each day around the arena.
  • The Tack Shop will only be open on Saturday and will have items made by our Laser Designs (t-shirts, etc.)
  • A complete first-aid tent staffed by registered nurses will be present throughout the weekend
  • Security will keep an eye on all activities

BANNER: Each team is asked to have a walking banner with their team name. Teams will carry their banner during the Grand Entry Saturday morning. Banners will be displayed during the rodeo.

Arrangements for special diets may possibly be provided if coaches submit requests prior to the registration deadline.

MISC.: Coaches might want to consider shade canopies for teams to use during down time, as shade at the arena is limited. Remember the Kansas wind -- please bring the necessary items to anchor the canopy should it be needed.

UPON ARRIVAL: For those staying Thursday night, please check-in at the Parsons State Hospital Administration Building switchboard. Packets will be given to those teams at the switchboard. Those driving in Friday morning will receive their packets at the Secretary's tent at the arena.

MEDICAL RELEASE FORMS/RELEASE FORMS AND COVID VACCINE PROOF needs to be at the rodeo for each participant.

HOUSING: Limited housing will be provided for teams and their coaches at Parsons State Hospital and Training Center free of charge. Housing has a rustic flavor (although we do have indoor plumbing!), therefore you may wish to bring a few comforts from home. We will provide a mattress/cot, sheets, blankets, and towels/washcloths. You may want to bring sleeping bags, camp cots, pillows, toiletries, etc.

Teams may choose to arrange accommodations at one of the local motels. Teams are encouraged to call early for reservations.

Holiday Inn Express & Suites       Best Western Parsons Inn       Guesthouse Canterbury       Quality Inn
1500 Cattle Drive       101 Main St.       400 Main St.       1807 Harding Dr.
Parsons       Parsons       Parsons       Parsons
620-820-6140       620-421-0303       620-421-5000       620-421-6126

Pittsburg (35 miles), Independence (25 miles) and Coffeyville (45 miles) have several motels available. Also, an RV park is available in Marvel Park; please call Parsons city offices (620) 421-7000 for more information.

Breakfast will NOT be provided for those who are housed at PSH&TC Friday and/or Saturday night(s).

__ Team Registration Fee & Housing Arrangements form
__ Entry forms for each division
__ Outstanding rider bio, Legends nominations, Top Hand nominations
__ Team roster
__ Check made payable to PSH&TC Endowment Fund – Rodeo